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Complimentary Currencies

A resource centre for complimentary currencies. World standard in its reach


The OpenMoney Projects


A resource on non-standard modes of exchange

     Legality and LETS


The statutory frameworks and how they impact on such schemes

     Micro-credit resources

The Virtual Library on Micro-Credit, with a section on LETS schemes

     World LETS Schemes


Lets Schemes in 59 countries. Now a very old, very dated web resource, but still with some active sites you can visit and assess.

Imagine a world where kind acts and generosity of spirit could be converted into a virtual currency, which could be 'spent' on providing you with goods and services – the receiving of which itself promoted more generosity of spirit and greater community social value.

This is not the world of the imagination – this is philanthropy made tangible by the deployment of a LETS Scheme within the Marham community.

I make cakes and you purchase one from me for one Mm (our currency is the Mm, Marham Money) I then use my currency to purchase baby sitting for my family.

You eat your delicious Marham cake and offer to clear and clean my garden for me – I use the collected Mm's from my cake making to pay you to alter the immediate landscape for play at my house, in order to directly benefit my children.

No charge or cash from the real, external economy has been directly deployed in the transaction – yet a tangible benefit and social good has been achieved for two households – helping everyone.

The Board of The Sandringham Enterprise Centre are reviewing a paper concerning the creation of a LETS Scheme with the community at Marham.

You can download a copy of the paper here. It discusses some objectives for an alternative currency and what impact this can have on community development goals.


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Examples in

this paper:


Brixton Pound


This alternative currency has just gone e-wide. Residents can now trade with it on their mobile devices.


Calgary Dollar


A system that funds active community projects by making grants of its currency.

New ideas in community self-help and support - what do you think?

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